• If can have a possibility of producing not a complete body but an organ to save a life of a person who needs the transplant of the organ
  • a cloning of a complete human whose bone is narrow can help save the life of his brother ill of leukemia
  • allow the propagation of animals being close to extinction and maintains ecological balance
  • allows scientists understand why nervous cells don't multiply
  • permits mankind could increase the benefits that would accumulate to the human race
  • makes possibility of preserving certain qualities in selected fruits and plants according to the convenience of human beings and nature
  • makes possible the exact reproduction the 99% of the animals in the world
  • makes one clone have the same characteristics with one parent
  • might enable a sterile woman to have a child from her own body, using any cell of her organism
  • Low success rates and uncertainty meaning that cloning is a very expensive process and the process attempts is a failure most of the times
  • Susceptibility to diseases meaning that since the immune system is not strong enough to protect the body, the infection rate is very high. When having a disease, the disease goes directly to the offspring
  • Losing gene diversity meaning that the genetic diversity in different individuals helps them to survive diseases.
  • Ethical issues meaning that there a lot of ethical consideration that would cause protests. Cloning is considered unnatural so the people consider it as a ethical concern